Jesse Penn

Before working with Alex I struggled with pain and loss range of motion. I had problems raising my arm to put my shirts on pain from simple movement. Due to the pain, I avoided any movement that required me to raise or lift my arm over my head. Even rubbing my head became an difficult task. I had throbbing pain all the time and the thought of lifting my arm above my head was a dread. After working with Alex I have increased my range of motion without  excruciating pain. I can raise my arm over my head without the fear of my shoulder “going out”. The exercises Alex prescribed have allow me to build on what he started and my quality of life has noticeably improved. I knew I needed to get some help with my shoulder but didn’t know where to find the right professional to assist me, I thank God for Alex. I found Alex to be professional, patient, very detail and interactive. Alex’s style, demeanor and approach have him on the road to success. I have talked with several of my friends about the results I achieved working and they will be making appointments soon.