Success Stories

Jim E.

Jim W.

I lost 20lbs after retiring on my own, however, I was unable to put on any muscle and repeatedly injured myself while trying to do so. My biggest problems were not knowing the correct form for certain exercises and the diet changes I needed to make to gain muscle. I was frustrated with always being sore and hurt..while still being unable to gain any muscle! The pain in my shoulders would cause me to have problems while sleeping as I could not lay on my side comfortably.

Since working with Alex, I have put on muscle, become so much stronger, and now I sleep like a baby. My wife and Children tell me that I look great! I am 195lbs, up from 180lbs, while my waist has stayed the same size. I am so happy with my results that my wife now trains with Alex too.

Thank you, it was all worth the work!

Lee B.

I’d never used a personal trainer before. But, faced with the big milestone of turning 60, I decided to give it a try. I met Alex Shaw for a complimentary discussion when I joined the gym. We talked about my goals and challenges and I felt comfortable talking with Alex. My goal was to set a course for a long, healthy life in my golden years, and get ready for a few pool parties in the summer. My challenge has been basically a stagnant approach to working out – hit the gym, same routine, same weight, same results. My conversation with Alex and my comfort level with him convinced me to take the leap.

For me, working with Alex has been a great experience with real results. Alex is positive and motivating. He creates workout plans that are results oriented and challenging – increasing the weight and reps much more than I ever would have on my own, and varying the workout plans to change things up and keep them interesting. Alex clearly explains the right form to maximize benefits and avoid injury. And, he measures results. For example, in one series of workouts, we increased the total weight I was lifting by 60%.

Now I feel stronger, have more energy, and enjoy keeping up with my workouts. I’m confident that I’m on the right path for my health and well being. Plus, my girlfriend complimented me on my progress, and we’ve had fun at the pool parties. That’s a nice reward and a motivator.

Thank you, Alex!


Jim C.

My challenge when I came to Alex was tight shoulders and lack of flexibility as well as my leg strength. Alex listened well to my concerns and developed a program that answered these concerns after 10 sessions. I now have great strength and flexibility in these areas. It has eliminated my pain and allowed me a better posture. I sincerely appreciate your talents and strongly recommend Alex to others!
Thank you, it was all worth the work!


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