Weight Loss

Changing how you look can be daunting. Dieting can be hard. Don’t let your previous experiences stop you from making progress.

Look at other success stories to see what you could achieve.

Success stories

Muscle Gain

Gaining muscle requires the right exercise technique, intensity, and determination. Having a knowledgeable coach can be the difference between ‘Gain’ & ‘Pain’.

Look at other success stories to see what you could achieve

Success stories

Shoulder Assessment and Optimization

Your shoulders are one of the most complex parts of your body. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just one joint. 
There are 4 joints that make up the shoulder complex: Gleno-humeral joint, acromioclavicular joint, Sternoclavicular joint, and the Scapul0thoracic joint. Each of these joints can directly affect the function of your shoulder.
In addition, how you breathe, how your spine moves, and the tightness of different muscles around the shoulder can directly affect function.
It’s a little bit more complicated that just pulling your arm across your chest to ‘stretch the shoulder’. That may even be making it worse!

Fitness Education

Alex has 6 years coaching experience and has Lectured at the University of North Texas. If you’re already in good health habits and want to expand your knowledge base with a ‘technique check’ or want to learn more effective exercise strategies then get in touch for some ‘knowledge bombs’.

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